Bankruptcy law in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

Making the decision to file bankruptcy can be very difficult.  When people start researching bankruptcy, they often find information that can appear contradictory and confusing.  Often, people will also talk with friends, family or acquaintances who have filed bankruptcy or “know someone” who has filed bankruptcy.  The anecdotes and stories sometimes do not agree with what people read on the web.  All of the information can paralyze some people and leave others confused and feeling as if bankruptcy could not be the answer.

Reading websites and talking to friends and family cannot replace the advice of a professional.  At Oppenhuizen Law Firm, PLC, we take pride in cutting through the noise and making sense of your situation.

Here are a few things you should consider when listening to your friends and family or reading information on the internet:

  1. Bankruptcy is a federal law, but state law plays a big role in relation to how your assets (things like your house, your car and your home furnishings) are treated.  This means that filing bankruptcy in west Michigan can be different than filing in Florida.
  2. Bankruptcy practice can be different within the same state due to local rules that govern how cases are administered by the bankruptcy court and as a result of local practice and how experienced local attorneys work with each other.
  3. Bankruptcy provides numerous avenues for people to retain the things they own while resolving their debts.  It also provides the opportunity to get rid of assets people may not want to keep or that people may be willing to sell to address debt, even if the assets do not have a sufficient value to pay debts in full.
  4. Bankruptcy provides an opportunity to catch up payments on things like a mortgage or a car loan when foreclosure or repossession is threatened.  How this process works can be vastly different depending upon where you live in the United States or even within a state.

Because of these considerations, instead of reading multiple websites and trying to figure out what bankruptcy might look like for you, take 30 minutes to discuss bankruptcy with Oppenhuizen Law Firm, PLC and James R. Oppenhuizen, a local bankruptcy lawyer who has practiced bankruptcy law in Grand Rapids and West Michigan for nearly 20 years.  You can self-schedule your appointment by clicking this link (make that a link to self-schedule) or by calling 616-730-1861.



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